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The Power of System Thinking: Lesson learned from ‘Thinking in Systems’

Are you looking to make better decisions and have greater impact? Discover how Donella Meadow’s book, “Thinking in Systems” can help you unlock the power of systemic thinking. Learn about the power of system thinking and how it can be applied to make more informed decisions over time.

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My Microsoft Journey : 4.5 years equals a perfect 5

Follow along with me, who invested 4.5 years at Microsoft as a cloud solution architect and then as a product manager, as I share my experiences in the tech corporate world and reflect on lessons learned in my journey.

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Happiness Advantage Review blog

Unlock the power of Happiness Advantage

Discover the connection between happiness and productivity, and how leveraging this power can lead to success. Learn more from Shawn Achor’s book “The Happiness Advantage” with CloudMelon Vision.

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OKR Book review version 2

Maximize Your Success at a Tech Company with OKR in 2023

Boost team productivity and set measurable goals for your company in the ever-changing tech industry. Learn how to make the most of Objectives Key Results (OKRs) and ensure organizational success.

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I’m working on helping people gain access to the knowledge that can power their lives and make everyday productive and sustainable

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