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In 2023, CMV becomes an online education platform that provides accessible and easy-to-follow content on cloud-native, serverless, generative AI, tech product management, productivity, and entrepreneurship. Everything needed to become a technopreneur, all in one place.


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Azure Service Bus: Messaging as a service in Microsoft Azure

Discover the power of messaging as a service with Microsoft Azure. Learn what is Azuer Service Bus, how it works, and why it's an important part of your cloud integration strategy.

Unlock the Power of Azure App Service: Real-world Scenarios

Learn how to use Azure App Service and discover the four general ways in which you can host your web application on Microsoft Azure. Get started unlocking the power of cloud computing today with CloudMelon Vision!

Getting started with Azure: from newbie to expert

Learn the path to understanding and using Microsoft Azure from a software engineer who has worked with it for many years. Discover everything you need to know on your journey from beginner to production-ready expert in the cloud.

Getting started with AWS: from newbie to expert

Are you ready to take your IT career to the cloud? Learn about Amazon Web Services and the basics of getting started with this helpful guide.
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Latest trend of Cloud Native, Serverless and Generative AI.

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