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In 2023, CMV becomes an online education platform that provides accessible and easy-to-follow content on cloud-native, serverless, generative AI, tech product management, productivity, and entrepreneurship. Everything needed to become a technopreneur, all in one place.


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Maximize Your Success at a Tech Company with OKR in 2023

Boost team productivity and set measurable goals for your company in the ever-changing tech industry. Learn how to make the most of Objectives Key Results (OKRs) and ensure organizational success.

Supercharge Your Learning with a Microlearning Initiative

Ready to take your learning and training to the next level? Discover what you need to know about microlearning, how it can benefit you, and how CloudmelonVision is leading the way.

Finding Your Success as a Tech Product Manager with this powerful book

Learn how to build great tech products customers love from Marty Cagan's book , filled with real-life stories and insights from top tech companies. Get the best tips on product management success!

Top 5 Logic App Monitoring tools [Compared]

Looking to monitor Azure Logic Apps? Here's a look at the top five tools to find out which one is right for you. Get insights into how these tools compare when it comes to their features and functionality.

Decoding Serverless Kubernetes in 2022

Learn the ins and outs of Serverless Kubernetes in this blog. See how you can use two projects from CNCF, Virtual Kubelet (VK) and Kubernetes Event-Driven Autoscaling (KEDA), to make the most out of your Serverless Kubernetes infrastructure with CloudMelon Vision.

Journey ahead : 3 years at Microsoft

Looking to gain insight into the world of tech? Read about my reflections gained from three years working at Microsoft, and use this experience to help with your own career development.

My Experience Review for Spark on Kubernetes Operator with Kind in WSL2

See what I learned after reviewing the performance of Spark on Kubernetes Operator with Kind in WSL2. Learn about the potential and challenges this approach can offer to your team.

Top 5 most futuristic projects from Mark’s Inside Azure Datacenter Architecture session

From networking and compute to storage and data, discover the latest technology from Microsoft at Mark's Inside Azure Datacenter Architecture session. Take a peek inside with CloudMelon Vision as we uncover the top 5 most futuristic projects revealed.

Under the hood of Kubernetes and microservices

Find out how migrating to a microservice-based architecture can streamline your enterprise's journey through innovation. Learn about Containers, Kubernetes, DevOps tools, and more with CloudMelon Vision!
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Latest trend of Cloud Native, Serverless and Generative AI.

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