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Mélony Qin is the founder of iMelonArt and the Author of 4 books including The Kubernetes workshop, Certified Kubernetes Administrator (CKA) exam guide, Azure Integration Guide for Business, and Microsoft Azure Infrastructure. She’s currently running Cloud-Native Innovators Newsletter and CloudMelon Vis YouTube channel and an e-commerce brand iAngelArt

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Are you curious about the AI startups and what it looks like in 2023? Those are 5 Things You Didn't Know About AI Startups ! In this video, we've collected five essential facts that offer…


New to Artificial Intelligence?Learn the basics of Artificial Intelligence (AI) with this complete beginner's guide. We'll walk you through all the buzzwords, and explain terminologies in a friendly and simpler manner with examples. Get ready…


Highlight the key takeaways from KubeCon Europe 2023 and how to effective strategies for attending sessions, and provide insights into the latest trends within the dynamic cloud-native ecosystem.


Are you looking to make better decisions and have greater impact? Discover how Donella Meadow's book, “Thinking in Systems” can help you unlock the power of systemic thinking. Learn about the power of system thinking…


With the emergence of AI and cloud-native technologies, software development is experiencing a major transformation. Learn how AI is driving innovation in the cloud-native space and what it means for modern application development.


Uncover the secrets of staying ahead in the cloud-native game with this newsletter – learn how to navigate technology changes, stay productive & resilient at work, and get tips from an experienced product manager.

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Uncover the secrets of staying ahead in the cloud-native game with this newsletter – learn how to navigate technology changes, stay productive & resilient at work, and get tips from an experienced product manager.


Ready to start your Azure functions learning journey? Check out our strategy for getting to grips with Microsoft's serverless computing platform, complete with a full Azure jumpstart playlist.


Ready to take your learning and training to the next level? Discover what you need to know about microlearning, how it can benefit you, and how CloudmelonVision is leading the way.


Looking to monitor Azure Logic Apps? Here's a look at the top five tools to find out which one is right for you. Get insights into how these tools compare when it comes to their…


Learn the ins and outs of Serverless Kubernetes in this blog. See how you can use two projects from CNCF, Virtual Kubelet (VK) and Kubernetes Event-Driven Autoscaling (KEDA), to make the most out of your…


See what I learned after reviewing the performance of Spark on Kubernetes Operator with Kind in WSL2. Learn about the potential and challenges this approach can offer to your team.

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Access the latest news within the realms of cloud-native, serverless, and generative AI with ease.
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Microservices orchestrated via containers, boosting portability, fault-tolerance, and scalability

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Event-driven model, automatic resource allocation, minimizing administrative overhead in deployment.

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Generative AI

Deep neural networks creating data, fostering complex pattern replication and synthesis.

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